RHS Wisley – 5th July

26th April – WISLEY UPDATE . The coach has now been booked for our Wisley Trip. The cost  is between £10-£15 per person depending on final numbers. Our Treasurer has sent emails to those that have already asked to go,with details of how to pay and pick-up times. A list of those members going is displayed on the noticeboard on the side of the clubhouse. Fancy going and not yet booked ? well there are still places available but please let Dawn know soon.
30% of RHS Gardens – Don’t forget that we have 3 cards that allow a member and a guest to get 30% of entry to the 4 RHS gardens (except Wisley on Sundays). The cards can be borrowed for a donation of £1 per card from our Treasurer Dawn.


As part of our Insurance cover this year we have special benefits on visits to RHS gardens. This year we have decided to visit Wisley on Saturday 5th July.  Our Treasurer (Dawn) is now taking the names of those members that are interested in going by coach. wisley1Further details on Wisley can be found on the RHS web site. http://www.rhs.org.uk/Gardens/Wisley. We expect a lot of interest in this event so please contact soon, either  :- treasurer@hawkingeallotments.org.uk  or place a comment to this post for further information or to reserve seat/s .  wisley2 (Members that have already indicated an interest do not  need to notify us again.)wisley3


4 thoughts on “RHS Wisley – 5th July”

  1. Hi Dawn,

    Room for two – I’m not 100 % sure if all takers have to be members or part of a family unit but my brother in law is living with me at the moment and would like to attend too.

    So 1 or 2 places please depending on eligibility.



  2. Hi Mike
    You are both on the list. No problem with your brother in law.
    I’ll be in touch later with transport details.


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