NGS – 2015

Following our success with the NGS open days last month where we raised £573 for the nominated charities, the HAS committee has now agreed that we would again submit our site to the scheme in 2015.  Additionally Nick Lord has received a letter from the NGS as below.
Dear Mr Lord and all allotment particpators, 
Thank you so much for opening for the NGS on 20 July, Caroline Loder-Symonds told me it had been a great success and we particularly thrilled to have allotments among the variety of gardens which support the NGS. I hope it was a good experience for all of you too.
We sometimes hear stories from representatives of our beneficiaries about how much difference the NGS contribution can make to individual lives whichever charity it may be and these stories are very moving. I can’t thank you all enough for having opened and I know it’s a year long work on your part and the paying visitor just enjoys a day (and a tea!) but I do hope you will all be happy to open again in 2015. 
Yours sincerely 
Jane Streatfield


2 thoughts on “NGS – 2015”

  1. Really nice letter,
    I think for next years NGS Guide Book we sholud use the accolade of “Best Kent Small Allotment Winner 2013 & 2014”. We should also use that in any open day advertising too and Hawkinge Town Council should be proud as well

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