Warning – Tree Down

Members should be aware that a tree has broken in the wooded (copse) area and is currently in danger of falling further into the site.  Our site managers are aware and are dealing with the matter. This post will be updated further when the area has been made safe again.

Update 31/12/14 Path and access now made safe. Tree trunk to be felled at a later stage.

2 thoughts on “Warning – Tree Down”

  1. Hi Ray,
    It is with great disappointment that I, and Chris, have to give up plot 33.
    This decision did not come lightly, since my roster at work was changed, I now have very little spare time to spend at the allotment, to keep it at a standard that I would like to see.
    We have donated our wheelbarrow to the wheelbarrow park, there are also 2 spare composter bins that are on the plot, empty. I have left my plastic shed there, too well secured. There is also an established asparagus plot in the

    middle, in the raised bed close to the path at the bottom. There are numerous fruit bushes on the edge. I have also left numerous pots, seed trays for the next occupier, always come in handy.
    May I take this opertunity to thank all at the society in
    making this allotment what it is today, and maybe in 8years when I retire, I might be knocking on your door to see if anything is availiable.
    Best Regards
    Don McMurdo.

  2. OK Don – Many thanks for letting us know and your kind words. We wish you all good luck for the future.

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