Bits and Pieces

Just to let you know of a few things that are happening at the moment:

  •  The horse manure that was delivered over the weekend needs a little more time to mature, so it has been covered up.  We will let you know when it is ready to use.
  • The codes for the padlocks are being changed on Saturday 28th March, an email will be sent to all members individually to advise them of the new code.
  • 28th March is our first Working Party, so if you can help out we will be pleased to see you, anytime from 10 o’clock onward.
  • A lot of people have started digging over their plots now the weather is cheering up, don’t forget we have two different size rotavators for hire should you wish to make the job a little bit easier. Contact the site manager or chairman for more details.
  • David G on plot 8 is looking to borrow a fence post driver, if anybody can lend him one please reply to this post.

That’s all for now!

5 thoughts on “Bits and Pieces”

  1. Right , so we have a resouce of manure ( but we cannot use ) why are we getting it now ?

    There is no harm in useing it in your compost NOW , or as a mulch , it’s pure poo , no added straw to brake down !

    In my mined , get and use as much as you can where neded .

    Rant over ,

    Alan Lost the plot 37 .

  2. Hedgehog was not dead Alan, he was one of the winning photographs from last year’s competition that was included in the calendar, and guess what is the March page!

  3. Following Alan’s comment and discussions directly with him, we will be removing the covers on the compost on Saturday.
    Plotholders should be aware that this is mature horse manure and is still quite strong and applying it as a mulch on your plot could burn vegetables that you wish to grow there. it is possibly ok for an area where you are going to grow potatoes, but our recommendation is that you add it to your own compost bin and let the lovely worms that are in it do their work on your own compost.

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