NGS Preparation Meeting

Last year our two days opening for the National Gardening Scheme was very successful, raising money for various charities and also funds for HAS. You might like to follow this link which gives a brief glimpse of the event.

(our thanks to Nick Hilditch for producing the video)

This year we are open for just one day, 5th July and on Tuesday this week, 31st March, we are holding a planning meeting in  the Clubhouse at 7pm, if you can join us and lend your support we would very much appreciate it. The Committee looks forward to seeing members on Tuesday.

2 thoughts on “NGS Preparation Meeting”

  1. If we are around we will be happy to help with the open day. Unfortunately we are both busy Tuesday evening with our Bible Study group so will be unable to attend the meeting.

    All the best
    Sandy & Nick

  2. Thanks Sandy & Nick, i am sure there will be a list of tasks after the meeting tomorrow and i will let you know what is required and perhaps you can let me know what specifically you may be able to help with. Nick

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