Rhubarb, Rhubarb, Rhubarb…..

If you have a crown or two of rhubarb on your plot, you are probably pulling it like crazy at the moment. It seems to be very vigorous this year. For quite a few people we note that their crowns are flowering, all very pretty but not good for the plant, so as soon as you spot some, pull them off and discard asap. They won’t do any harm if you take this precaution, if you leave the flowers though, that could signify the end of your plant if it goes to seed.

If you running out of ideas of what to do with your rhubarb we have posted a couple of recipes on the web site, click on the Recipe tab above to download them. The recipe for Rhubarb Cake is courtesy of Michael Stevenson (plot 35a) which he very kindly made for the Coffee Morning held yesterday. He picked the rhubarb early yesterday morning, went back home made the cake and brought it to the clubhouse for us to enjoy, all by 10:30. It was gorgeous, so thank you Mike and give it a try!

Incidentally, the Coffee Morning yesterday was very well attended, thank you to those people that braved the elements, it was great to see so many of you there. We also raised around £30.00 for Society funds, thank you.

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