Site Security – Update

Further to the post earlier in the week, we can now report that the possible problem with unwanted visitors to our site seems to have been removed. However we would ask members to be vigilant as a member has reported having all of his gooseberries taken from his plot. (no 26a) If any member has any information about this incident please contact the Chairman, Nick Lord.


4 thoughts on “Site Security – Update”

  1. Ditto plastic netting and black currants and some plant damage to said currant bushes. Goose berries seem to have been over looked! Pigeons maybe? They don’t use plastic stuff, though, do they? Black birds like soft fruit, especially strawberries, so maybe mine went to a good cause.

  2. No veg gone but a sign on the shed saying ‘Grandad’s Shed’ has ‘flown away’! It did have a wood screw through a piece of rope so if anyone finds it, please put by our shed. (The sign, not the screw!!) 8-)} Ta

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