Annual General Meeting

This is to remind all members that the AGM takes place on Sunday 24th January at 2pm in The Village Hall. Also, don’t forget Eileen and Alan will be taking orders for seed potatoes. Full details of available varieties on an earlier post, simply scroll down this page to view.

We look forward to seeing as many of the membership there that can possibly make it, refreshments will be available, you will as members, have the right to vote for your choice of Officials and Committee Members. If you are unable to attend could you please email the Secretary, thank you.

3 thoughts on “Annual General Meeting”

  1. Hi could not find the page with the list of Potatoes and onions on with the order form for the AGM which we sent before Christmas, its not on the shop page where I would have expected to find it.
    Thanks Eileen B.

  2. Hi Eileen, many thanks for pointing out the omission, the relevant page has been updated so that there is a link to the information which is on the front page of the website, if you follow the instruction in the original post of scrolling down the page you should find it either way now.

  3. Nick , I presume now we’ve taken delivery of more manure we can uncover the middle one and use it then cover the new one as it’s just over 2 months younger .

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