A quick reminder that we have two rotavators available for hire at very modest rates. The larger of the two is only suitable if you have a reasonably large area of plot that needs turning over. For smaller areas then the smaller Mantis is much more suitable and generates a very fine tilth.

However, the Mantis is a little unreliable at the moment and what we need is somebody who knows something about two stroke engines to give it a service. To have a professional carry out a service would possibly cost more than it is worth so if anybody out there is qualified or knows a person who is, please let the chairman or site manager know.

Many thanks

One thought on “Rotavators”

  1. We are pleased to advise that the Mantis has been repaired, out special thanks to George Hover for that. If you would like to hire this or the other larger rotavator, please click on one of the links above

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