Open Day – Prize Winners

For those of the membership who were unable to make the Open Day yesterday, here are the results for the Best Plot Competitions:

Best Full Plot

1st Place – John Meloy (plot 17),  2nd Place – Doug & Steph Martin (plot 21), 3rd place – Christine Wethered & Linda Barkasz de Csenger (plot 29)

Best Half Plot

1st Place – Carol & Terry Wright (plot 4a), 2nd Place – John Charlton plot 4), 3rd place – Keith Sinden (plot 12a)

Best Newcomer

1st Place – Simon Childs (plot 8), 2nd Place – Nigel Hood (plot 2a)

Many congratulations to all of the winners and our thanks to our guest judges Ray Ashdown and Tricia Sherratt for giving us their time and services. Also our thanks to our President, Eileen for presenting the awards.

Photos will follow!


One thought on “Open Day – Prize Winners”

  1. Well done to all the winners.
    Apologies too for not attending the Saturday morning plot clearance, just a bit too jet lagged !!

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