Major Groundworks

You may well have noticed that the area to the rear of the Clubhouse has started to collapse and is need of repair.

Because of the scale of the work involved to repair the area, we have had to commission outside contractors to carry out the work.

The contractors, Capel Groundworks will therefore be on site from Monday 3rd July, They will be bringing some large machinery onto the site, so there may be some disruption to access as the work area will extend to the edge of the main gates.

Please take extra care when entering or leaving the site for the next week and allow the contractors to carry out their job. If you have any worries or problems please contact the Site Manager, Chris or the Chairman, Nick

One thought on “Major Groundworks”

  1. How much is this going to cost please?
    Why are we bothering to repair this area which as I understand it is only to be used for housing water butts (which I suspect will not be used by the allotment holders anyway)?
    Is the club house in danger of collapse?
    If we need a new soak away for the clubhouse then this should be the extent of the work and cost.

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