Further to my post regarding the missing incinerator, I have now had reported to me that a member who has raised beds has had all his pumpkins pilfered. The is very disappointing for the family as the children were looking forward to harvesting their pumpkins for Halloween. It is also another cause for concern that something else has gone missing from someone ‘s plot. Please therefore be vigilant around the site, it is impossible to tackle strangers because they may well be new members and we have quite a few right now, and we would not want members involved in any sort of confrontation where they are at risk. However, please make sure gates are closed when you are on site and locked securely if you are the last to leave and report any losses or anything suspicious to a member of the committee.

Thank you.


One thought on “Warning”

  1. Strange to have so many things going missing all at once. If they want we have a pumpkin they can have (plot 8 just outside the shed). We’ve already got one at home an I don’t much fancy too much pumpkin pie/soup/…


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