Working Party & Harvest Lunch

We have checked the weather forecast for Saturday and it does not look good, heavy rain and high winds. We have therefore taken the decision to cancel  the plans for the Working Party and Lunch as there was little likelihood of being able to do any work on site. We are sorry for having to make this decision and although it is still a couple of days away we had to consider arrangements for food and make the decision early.

Chris our Site Manager has a list of jobs that need to be done around the site and is wanting to co-ordinate the work, however as the weather is starting to become very unpredictable, we cannot allocate another date for the working party. Therefore if you can contact Chris he will allocate individuals a task that they can carry out at their convenience when they are next on site. Chris’s email address is

Thank you.

Compost, Chippings and Working Party/Harvest Lunch

If you have been on site in the last week you will have seen that we have had deliveries of compost, located at either end of the site now. Yesterday we also had a delivery of wood chippings which is ideal material for pathways etc. We are very fortunate that these supplies are donated to the Society and so you as members are able to take advantage of these FREE materials. There is no guarantee that there will always be a supply of free compost etc and we are very lucky to have the contacts with the local horse owners and farmers who supply and deliver it.

I am sure everyone appreciates it and I hope if you can, you have signed up for the Harvest Lunch on SATURDAY (21st October) and the Working Party that will be going on around the lunch. The full details have already been published on previous posts and on Facebook. It is not too late to order your lunch, check back on previous posts for the menu and email the Secretary with you order.

The committee look forward to seeing you on Saturday and appreciate your support.

Harvest Lunch – Reminder

If you are coming to the Harvest lunch on Saturday 21st October (and we do hope you are) please remember to put in your choice of lunch to the secretary ( by Sunday 15th October, if you have not already done so.                                  The choice is :- Jacket Potatoes for lunch with a choice of fillings: Chilli, Cheese, baked beans and a vegetarian option. The cost for lunch will be £3.00 which will include a Jacket Potato and filling plus a hot drink. We look forward to seeing you there.

Membership renewal

Our treasurer, Dawn, will soon be preparing your bill for 2018, there is no need to worry about payment just yet, it is not due until you actual receive the account. However, we would ask all members to let us know sooner rather than later if they do not intend to continue with their plot next year. We have had several resignations in the last couple of weeks and it is always sad to see people moving on for whatever the reason. In some cases it is people moving away, or circumstances in their life have changed and they are unable to carry on with an allotment. Sometimes we only find out this information when we enquire or when we start the Abandoned Plots Policy because a plot is becoming neglected. As a management committee, we have busy lives too and don’t always have the ability to email and/or phone members who are not tending their plots as well as all the other duties we have to perform.

So, please if you are struggling with you plot, for whatever reason, please let a member of the committee know at the earliest opportunity and if we can help we will and if we know there is a problem we are at least aware of it and can act accordingly. And if you are thinking of leaving, please let us know as soon as possible.

While we have your attention, time to remind you that this Sunday, 1st October, is our last Coffee Morning of the year. So please come and join us if you can, the weather forecast is not great, it is at least dry in the Clubhouse and there will be cake! From 10am to 12 noon.

Thank you



Working Party and Harvest Lunch

Working Party and Harvest Lunch

The next working party is on Saturday 21st October and we are combining it with our Harvest Lunch. We will have 2 working party sessions one starting at 10:00 in the morning and the other starting around 1.30 after our Harvest lunch. Lunch will be ready at 12.30.
 Menu for our Harvest Lunch 
Jacket Potatoes for lunch with a choice of fillings: Chilli, Cheese, baked beans and a vegetarian option. The cost for lunch will be £3.00 which will include a Jacket Potato and filling plus a hot drink.
To ensure we have enough to go round and minimise wastage, if you are able to attend could you please email and confirm your attendance and requirements by Sunday 15th October.

+Potato Blight

Please be aware that some varieties of potato, notable the Blue Danube type, bought by the Society for members earlier this year is showings signs of blight. The tubers will not be affected, however if you have blight it is recommended that you lift the crop as soon as possible and dispose of the foliage, not put it in your compost bin.