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Compost & More

Our members John & Pat have kindly offered to organise a bulk order of compost and other supplies, for the coming season, from :-

You will see from the list below that the more we order the cheaper it could be for each member. It is important to place your order by emailing your specific requirements to:-

The last date for orders is Wednesday 20th February, please include within your email the Product, Quantity, your Name & a Contact telephone no. Once the order has been received a further update will issued regarding payment & collection details.

  • Description Quantity UOM Unit Price £ Line Total £ VAT
  • Humax Compost Multipurpose 75lt 10 Bag 6.56 65.60 GBS
  • Humax Compost Multipurpose 75lt 45 Bag 4.54 204.30 GBS
  • Melcourt Horticultural Potting Grit 20kg 1 Bag 4.55 4.55 GBS
  • Melcourt Horticultural Potting Grit 20kg 10 Bag 3.44 34.40 GBS
  • Sinclair Perlite Standard 100lt 1 Bag 10.35 10.35 GBS
  • Sinclair Perlite Standard 100lt 10 Bag 9.32 93.20 GBS
  • Sinclair Fertiliser Growmore 25kg 1 Bag 16.49 16.49 GBS
  • Sinclair Fertiliser Growmore 25kg 10 Bag 15.05 150.50 GBS
  • Sinclair Vermiculite Medium 100lt 1 Bag 19.25 19.25 GBS
  • Sinclair Vermiculite Medium 100lt 10 Bag 17.88 178.80 GBS
  • 6X Pelleted Chicken Manure Fertiliser 8kg 1 Tub 8.13 8.13 GBS
  • 6X Pelleted Chicken Manure Fertiliser 8kg 10 Tub 6.50 65.00 BS

Please order soon, no late orders will be accepted.

Polytunnel for Sale – Xmas Present ?

One of our retired members has a GROW IT heavy duty polytunnel for sale. It comes in its original packaging and was advertised at £160 in 2017. The item is up for sale now at a bargain price of just £50 . If you’ve thought about a polytunnel and not got around to it – this is a great deal, Christmas present for yourself maybe ?

Any member who is  interested should initially contact:- 

This post will be updated with further details on the item when it becomes available.

Potato Orders

After the success the blight resistant potatoes over the last couple of years we plan to order more for sale to members this year. The cost for these highly blight resistant potatoes is £1.75/kg.  We are trying 2 different varieties this year as well as Kifli.

The 3 varieties available are:

Sarpo Kifli – Salad potato – creamy waxy potato. Sown as early main crop but will produce salad potatoes all season.
Sarpo Axona – Red maincrop (Aug to late Oct). It produces high yields of big regular tubers. Ideal for baking, mashing and roasting. 
 Sarpo Una –2nd Early (Jul – early Oct) Multipurpose variety which can produce nice waxy salad potatoes if harvested early or can be left in ground for a heavy crop of baking potatoes.
There is a lot more information on the Sarpo varieties on the SKEA website Please let Dawn know your requirements ( by the end of December, payment will be cash on delivery.  Delivery is due in January.

Autumn Newsletter

All members should by now have received an email containing the latest HAS Autumn newsletter. It certainly is worth a read -if you have not yet read it or have mislaid your copy then its useful to know that newsletters are always archived on the web site for later reference. One amendment has since been made to the original with a correction of the email address of our site manager. All other details remain the same and a link to the Newsletter is here:-

Autumn Newsletter 2018



HAS Allotment Competition and Judging

Please be aware that the judging of the plots this year, for our annual competition, will take place during the week commencing  the 25th June. As is usual, all plots will be examined by our independent judges. (Unless you’ve previously requested exclusion from the competition). The Judges will of course need to gain access to each members plot to closely examine the crops.  (The full judging criteria can be found within the documentation section of this site.) Finally, the results will be announced during the open day  on the 8th July. Keep it looking its best and Good Luck.