Party time with Sausage Baps

Yes its that time again when we ask all our membership to volunteer if you can and take part in our first working party of the year. The event will take place over Saturday & Sunday 17 / 18 February. 10:30 till 12:30 & 13:30 till 16:00 on both days. Chris our site Manager will be coordinating the work, which will mainly be focused  along the southern hedgerow, but other tasks around the site will need to be undertaken, time permitting. Members are requested to bring their own tools (Pruning Saws, Shears, Hedge Trimmers, Clippers, axes and some safety gear gloves etc). It would certainly help to get as many members as we can during the weekend to undertake the work in hand.   Whether it be for one hour, one session, one day or both days all members time will be really appreciated and enable us to get the site ready for the season ahead.
Oh and yes, sausage baps are on the menu both days during the lunch hour and will be available for the working teams. We really need your help, so please come along if you can spare some time. Hope you can join the party and look forward to seeing you there.

Chris & the HAS Committee

Seed Potatoes

For those members who have not yet ordered this seasons seed potatoes or were unable to attend today’s AGM to purchase , please note Dawn still has some great blight resistant seed potatoes left. Please contact her soon on ( )to secure your order. There are 3 quality varieties available: Kifli, Mire and Blue Danube and all at the very competitive price of £1.50kg,  please order soon to avoid disappointment.


Potatoes have now arrived.

The potatoes have now arrived in Hawkinge and there are plenty of extra potatoes if you have not already ordered yours.  To save transporting 125kg of potatoes to the AGM, Dawn would be most grateful if people would now collect their orders from her next Saturday afternoon (27th January) or give her a ring or / email ( ) to arrange a different time.  Please pay in cash @ £1.50/kg. Dawn will bring the excess potatoes to the AGM so you can also buy them there if you’ve not already ordered.

Happy New Year

Our very best wishes to you all for 2018.

If you have been up to the site in the last month, you would not have failed to notice the amount of mole hills there are down the centre pathway. One of our members has arranged for some traps to be set to see if we can catch any of the little devils before they do any more damage to the path. There will be stakes set in the path to show where they are so please be careful as you walk along there.

For some time we have wanted to try and clear some of the over growth in the southern hedgerow between us and the road. Our aim is to try and to clear as much as we can from under the tree canopy and hopefully let more light through to the plots on the south side and stop some of the growth from creeping through the fence.

We have allocated the weekend of 17th & 18th February as a time to do this and if you can spare an hour or two to help out on either or both of these days, it would be very much appreciated. We will start at about 10am on both days if you can join us, please bring any hedge trimmers, scythes or saws that you might think are appropriate.

Finally a reminder that the AGM is being held in the Village Hall from 2pm on Sunday 4th February. We look forward to seeing you then.

Nick Lord (Chairman)

Potatoes Reminder

Hope you have all had a great Christmas.
Now is a good time, if you haven’t already done so, to order your potatoes for next year. So please order your blight resistant potatoes over the next couple of weeks for delivery in January (depending on weather). Please Email Dawn ( for your requirements.
Further details can be on found on the earlier ‘Potato’ post on the 8th November.